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Current Exhibit

Science of Eclipses

Eclipses: Past, Present, Future

This exhibit covered two past total solar eclipse expeditions by Observatory directors and staff (1869 and 1932), 19th and early 20th century astrophotography, and the science behind eclipses. By looking back at the past, we can understand the challenges and efforts it took to document eclipses compared to the technology we have today. We can also understand the evolution of astronomy, technology since the 19th century and the scientific importance of “chasing eclipses.”

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150 Years on Mt. Lookout: Celebrating a National Historic Landmark
Located in Mt. Lookout since 1873, the Cincinnati Observatory has been inspiring generations to Look to the Stars. The Samuel Hannaford designed building, celebrated its 150th anniversary on August 28, 2023. The exhibit featured artwork of the building, artifacts from the Observatory’s collections, and the history behind the National Historic Landmark Status.
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