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Dr. Wes Ryle

About Dr. Wes Ryle

Dr Wes Ryle
Dr. Wes Ryle

Dr. Ryle joined the Cincinnati Observatory in 2024 after teaching astronomy and physics at Thomas More University (TMU) for 16 years. During this tenure, he also served as director of the campus observatory, conducting astronomical research with undergraduate students and overseeing a successful outreach program and lecture series.

This experience carries over directly to the position of astronomer at the Cincinnati Observatory, where Dr. Ryle is involved in a wide variety of programming including public classes, community outreach, and special events centered on astronomical phenomena. He also served as a volunteer at the Observatory beginning in 2014, giving monthly presentations and tours for participants.

Dr. Ryle is a native to the greater Cincinnati area, born and raised in Burlington, KY. An alum of Conner High School, he went on to study physics and mathematics at Western Kentucky University (WKU) in Bowling Green, KY. While at WKU, Dr. Ryle had the opportunity to become a telescope operator for the Bell Astrophysical Observatory. This experience set him on a path toward a career as a professional astronomer.

 After graduating from WKU, Dr. Ryle pursued a masters in physics and a doctorate in astronomy from Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta, GA. During this time, he was able to travel to many observatories in the US and abroad, including Mt. Wilson Observatory in Pasadena, CA and Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory in Chile. The majority of his observing time was spent at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ, utilizing the 72” Perkins Telescope for analysis of active galactic nuclei. His dissertation focused on using the variability of these objects to estimate the size of their central supermassive black hole.

More recent research interests have focused on student-led projects such as the observation and analysis of eclipsing binary star systems, exoplanet transits, and cataclysmic variables. 

Science outreach and advocacy continues to be Dr. Ryle’s main focus, using the public’s interest in astronomy to educate people of all ages about the role of science in society. He is most comfortable presenting to groups on astronomical topics and prides himself on the ability to explain complex concepts in a manner that is understandable by all. He also loves tackling the variety of questions that everyone seems to have regarding the cosmos.

Use the links on the left side of the page if you are interested in Dr. Ryle giving a presentation for your group or if you have an astronomical question that needs answering. You can also contact him directly via email (

To get in touch with Wes regarding speaking at a program or with an astronomical inquiry, email him at or call him at (513) 321-5186

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