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History Bites - Lunchtime Program

This event has expired.
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History Bites - Lunchtime Program

Event Summary

Jan 12, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
History Bites

Chasing the Eclipse: Snapshots of the Past 

This lunch hour presentation will take you through the photographic journey of past expeditions to chase eclipses by Cincinnati Observatory directors, employees, colleagues and their families. From the 1869 expedition to the far reaches of the Dakota Territory that led to the historical first efforts in astrophotography to document eclipses and on to a 1932 expedition to New Hampshire filled with family, joy and young love. Join Mandy Askins, Assistant Collections Manager, at the Cincinnati Observatory as she takes you through the Observatory's picturesque past of chasing eclipses with historical images from the Observatory's vast photography collections. 

Observatory exhibits, gift shop, and its buildings and grounds will be open during and after the presentation. Weather permitting, we’ll have solar viewing through our historic 1845 Merz and Mahler 11” refracting telescope in the adjacent Mitchel Building after the presentation.

$10 for non-members, Free for Members -- SOLD OUT.

We will be presenting this same program for our History at Home event on January 24 at 7pm. $10 per household. Sign up here.

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