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2024 Solar Eclipse

Kids Activities and Crafts

You can make your own pinhole camera to observe the eclipse by visiting NASA’s website here.

As we prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse, you can learn more about the Sun and do some fun hands-on activities using the DIY Sun Science App from the National Informal STEM Education Network.

Do you want to help NASA learn more about how eclipses affect life on Earth? Then check out the Eclipse Soundscapes Project. The Eclipse Soundscape project is going to compare data from an eclipse over 100 years ago to the 2024 eclipse and they need your help collecting data! This is a great opportunity to be a citizen scientist.

Are you looking for a fun craft to help you get even more excited for the 2024 Solar Eclipse? Check out these solar prints from Scholastic to use the Sun to create art.

For extra fun, here are some printouts to explore at home:

Solar eclipse coloring sheet.pdf

Solar Eclipse Worksheet.pdf

Geometry of a Total Solar Eclipse coloring page | Free Printable Coloring Pages.pdf

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