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Exoplanets - Online Class

7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Searching For Other Earths

Astronomers are finding planets by the thousands! They are not in our solar system but circle around stars that are trillions of miles away. These are Exoplanets: weird, wild worlds - some similar to the planets in our solar system, and others that are truly far out!

Learn more about one of the most exciting and rapidly changing fields of astronomy. Astronomer Dean Regas shares the variety of techniques we use to hunt for exoplanets, what has been found so far, and what might be discovered soon.


Cost: $10/household


This course will be an online course in webinar format through Zoom and will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

Daytime Tours

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

History Tours

Daytime history tours are held Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at Noon, 1pm, and 2pm. The guided portion of the tour lasts approximately half an hour. It includes both of the Observatory’s buildings and two main telescopes, as well as access to our out-of-this-world gift shop. If time and weather permits safe solar viewing through a telescope will be provided.

Tickets are $10/adult, $5/kid, $5/senior, $5/veteran, free for Observatory Members

Advanced reservations are required. 

Registration closes 30 minutes before the scheduled tours begin.

Astronomy Evenings

9:00 pm
9:00 pm
9:00 pm

Weekly Public Program

Astronomy Evening at the Cincinnati Observatory is the perfect program to get acquainted with all of the offerings of your local observatory. Located in picturesque Mount Lookout on the East Side of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Observatory is the oldest one of its kind in the country that still uses its original telescope from 1845, and now you too will get to participate.


This 90 minute long, family-friendly program features an Astronomy themed presentation on the different things you can experience in the night sky. Tours of our historic buildings and viewing through our telescope takes place during the second part of the evening (weather permitting).


Tickets: $15/adult, $7/child, FREE For Members


Reservations required.  Space is limited.

Pride Night

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

At the Cincinnati Observatory


Join us for an 18+ Pride Night at the Cincinnati Observatory! We will be celebrating our local LGBTQ community and highlighting local history.


 In addition to highlighting the remarkable lives of queer people both in the spotlight and the shadows of society, Pride Night Speaker Jacob Hogue will cover two of the very first trials concerning homosexuality in the region, will dive into obscenity trials and Cincinnati’s gender-bending masquerades, will explore queer characters in Cincinnati’s red light district and OTR concert halls, and analyze the role of female and male impersonation on political discourse in Cincinnati. And much more!


Pride Night will also include self-guided tours of the Observatory and grounds. There will be Local LGBTQ organizations sharing information. All guests will leave with more knowledge of the LGBTQ community in Cincinnati and some special pride goodies! The event will also include solar viewing during the first hour, weather permitting.


Tickets: $20 per person


18 and up please.  Space is Limited.

Sunday SUN-day SUNDAE

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

At the Cincinnati Observatory

The Sun is the star attraction on this special Sunday and you can learn all about our nearest stellar neighbor. Sunday Sun-day Sundae includes short talks about the Sun, tours of our historic buildings, and safe viewing of sunspots and solar flares from our 1845 telescope (weather permitting).


As a special treat we will also have free sundaes for those in attendance.


Advanced tickets: $12/adult, $7/child

Day-of tickets: $15/adult, $10/child

Late Night Date Night

10:00 pm - 11:30 pm

At the Cincinnati Observatory

Looking for a romantic night out and under the stars? Come see what the Observatory is like after hours. You'll get to use telescopes to view astronomical objects that are not visible until late at night (weather permitting). Get a sneak preview of the next season's planets and stars a month or two ahead of everyone else.


The program runs rain or shine. If the weather does not permit viewing, we'll have fun showing you around the universe and behind the scenes at the Observatory.


Tickets: $30 per person


Adults only.  Singles welcome.  Space is limited.

4th Sunday History Tours

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Stories From Our History


This special program offers those seeking to learn more about the Observatory’s history a more detailed, in-depth guided tour at Noon or 1:30pm. These include all that’s covered in a Daytime Tour - as well as more stories of how the Observatory came to be (and almost didn’t!). These tours also cover the Observatory’s role in weather forecasting and timekeeping as well as a visit to our interactive Sundial, original 1843 cornerstone, and more! Tours last about 45-60 minutes with plenty of time for questions and some behind-the-scenes fun! Perfect for local history, astronomy and science buffs ages 12 and up.


Tickets are $10/adult, $5/kid, $5/senior, $5/veteran and free for Observatory members


Space is limited.  Advanced reservations are recommended.

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