School Programs

Scout Programs

Girl Scout and Cub Scout Programs at the Observatory

Looking for a unique place to visit with your scout troop?  Looking for a program that fulfills your badge requirements?  Looking to, well... LOOK through a giant telescope?  The Observatory has you covered.

Evening Programs

This private program is geared just for your troop and includes a presentation by an astronomer, a hands-on tour of the historic buildings, and viewing through the oldest telescope in the country (weather permitting).  These 1-hour programs run rain or shine and are available Monday-Wednesday nights (start times vary by season).  

Admission is $10/adults, $5/kids with a minimum of $100 per group. Reservations are required, generally 1-2 months in advance. This is perfect for a group of up to 14 kids and adults.

Afterschool Programs

The Observatory is also active during the day time where you can view the Sun safely using professional solar filters. These 1-hour programs are available Monday-Thursday afternoons and include a tour of the historic buildings.  

Admission is $10/adults, $5/kids with a minimum of $100 per group. Reservations are required, generally 1 month in advance and can serve up to 14 people. 

Outreach to You

(Note: This in-person program is temporarily canceled due to COVID.  We hope to offer this again soon.)

If you can't visit the Observatory, the Observatory can visit you.  We can bring our stellar programs to your scout meetings by day or night.  And if the skies are clear we can bring telescopes to view the skies and create a real star party at your next meeting.

Outreach fees are start at $150 (for fewer than 40 people), $250 for larger groups.

Other Youth Organizations

If you are a member of a youth organization with an astronomy program, please let us know. We can set up a program to meet the needs of your young astronomers. Give us the requirements ahead of time, and we’ll take care of the rest.

For more information or to schedule any program please try our new Online Program Request Page or contact Dean Regas at 513-321-5186.