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Online Programs

We are pros at online programming.  We can simulate the night sky, fly you anywhere in the universe, and provide fun, interactive space programs for any age group - no matter where you live.  

We will work actively to design a program that is right for your class. Program descriptions of our most popular programs are listed below. However, we can customize any program to your astronomical needs.

All school and community center programs are free thanks to a grant from the Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee.  This includes online programs.

To schedule an online astronomy program just for your group: Online Program Request Page

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In-Person Outreach

This summer we hope to bring in-person programs to you. Our Outreach Program has delivered thousands of programs to area schools, scout meetings, libraries, and nursing homes. An astronomer can visit your class, lead fun and in-depth professional development for your teachers, or deliver hands-on, inquiry-based programs that meet academic content standards. We can also bring telescopes for safe viewing of sunspots and solar flares or even lead an evening star party at your place.

All school and community center programs are free thanks to a grant from the Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee.  This includes outreach programs.

To schedule please complete our: Outreach Program Request

Astronomy Topics

  • The Planets and their Orbits  - The solar system is constantly changing and we can keep you up to date. Utilizing the latest images from NASA we will share the canyons on Mars, the giant hurricane on Jupiter, and the rings of Saturn while demonstrating their pathways around the Sun.

  • Stars and Constellations  -  There are more stars in the sky than you can ever count. But you'll see that finding your way around the sky has never been this fun. Combining astronomy with memorable ancient myths, this program will encourage your students to research and write about the constellations. Have you heard the story of Orion?
  • Rockets  -  Getting to out into space takes rocket science as well as math, engineering, physics, and a lot of creativity. This program lets you design a water bottle rocket and launch it from our specially designed launch pad. 

  • Comets and meteors  -  Stuff hitting the Earth always fascinates students. We can make a comet right in your classroom and bring actual meteorites for close inspection. Students will learn about their structure, parts, and orbits while being able to touch a rock from space.
  • Moon phases and eclipses - Moon phases are perhaps the most difficult astronomical phenomenon for students to understand. With the assistance of a half-painted soccer ball, 30 moons on a stick, a 150-watt light bulb, and some great simulation software, your students' will sure to become luna-tics.

  • Tour of the Universe -  Rocket through space among billions of stars and galaxies. This program tackles the life cycles, and types of stars and galaxies as well as the distances to these interstellar objects. Students will discover how much we have learned from telescopes and where their place is in the universe.
  • Reasons for the Seasons  -   A 23.5 degree tilt makes all the difference between winter and summer. The Earth has a slanted view of the universe and you will discover how the angle of the Sun's rays cause Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

  • Life and Death of Stars - Stars comes in all masses and colors. But where do they come from? What happens when they die? This stellar evolution program takes you through the lives of various stars and their dramatic demises.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule an outreach visit, please try our Online Program Request Page, email us at or call us at 513-321-5186.