School Programs

Student Astronomers

An Email Club for "Spacey" Students

This is a great program to help students that have a passion for astronomy connect with astronomers at the Observatory.

How does it work?
Think of your spacey-est students. Nominate one student per class who would be interested in receiving email updates on astronomical events. They must first email me to state their interest. Then I will send monthly updates directly to their email addresses. After receiving Rocket Mail (my email), the students will bring your classes up to date with the latest astronomy news. We have had over 200 students from all around the Tri-state participate.

Requirements - the student must:

  • Be interested in astronomical event
  • Have access to an email account
  • Give a brief presentation to your class on “What’s up” in the sky once a month
  • All grade levels welcome

What do the students get out of it?

  • Extra credit from you (I would assume)
  • Free admission to special events at the Observatory
  • Invitations to learn how to work our telescopes
  • The chance to update you and your class

To register a student for the Student Astronomers, he or she should email Dean Regas at: