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Dean Regas

Looking Up Podcast

Looking Up Podcast cover of night sky

The first podcast created exclusively by Cincinnati Public Radio reaches for the stars.  Cincinnati Observatory's Dean Regas and Anna Hehman host this quick-paced, fun conversation about outer space.  

“Twice a month, Looking Up brings you the latest astronomical discoveries,” according to Regas, "and we’ll bring out-of-this-world topics about planets, stars, and the universe, science and technology, throw in a little pop-culture and bring it all down to Earth.”

“I'm excited to join Dean for Looking Up,” Hehman said. “We’ll talk about space, astronomy and cover all the questions a non-astronomer like me has for an astronomer like him.”

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Dean and Anna also answer questions from kindergartners (they're smarter than most adults) and interview experts in the field of astronomy.  Recent interviews include:

William Shatner - Actor, Director, Author, and Musician
Scott Kelly - NASA astronaut and American who has spent the most time in space
Paul Zaloom - Beakman from Beakman's World
James Hansen - Author of First Man, the biography of Neil Armstrong
Phil Plait - The Bad Astronomer
Shankar Vedantam , NPR science correspondent and host of the weekly show Hidden Brain
Alice Bowman - Mission Operations Manager for New Horizons mission to Pluto 
James Albury - Co-host of Star Gazers TV show

Check them all out and connect via Cincinnati Public Radio, Twitter, and Stitcher at: 
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