Dean Regas

Mae Among the Stars

Dean reads the children's book about astronaut Mae Jemison and her dream to become an astronaut.  Thank you to the Cincinnati Museum Center for including this in their Story Tree Time program. 

The Moon through the historic 1845 Mitchel telescope at the Cincinnati Observatory on July 26, 2020.

100 Things to See in the Night Sky

Dean takes you inside his new book, 100 Things to See in the Night Sky, Expanded Edition and then shares his tips to observing the Sun safely and finding a lot of planets, stars, and constellations this week.

Your Spacey Questions

Dean has heard them all!  In this episode, he gives his answers to the most common questions including why Pluto Isn't a Planet? What's the Deal with Black Holes? Are there Aliens? and many more.

Meteors: June 2, 2020

Dean tells you all about meteors/shooting stars and which Meteor Showers are worth staying up for and which you can sleep through. Plus is something going to hit the Earth!?! Tune in.

Comets: May 26, 2020

Where have all the good comets gone? Comet Atlas has broken up.  Comet Swan is fizzling out.  It's been 23 years since our last really good one (Hale-Bopp). Astronomer Dean Regas looks back at the great comets in history and tells you why you just can't trust a comet!


Goodbye Venus

After six months of gracing the evening skies, Venus is heading off into the sunset. Dean take you to our Sister Planet and then shows where to find it in the sky.

Museum on Tap

With the Cincinnati Museum Center

Dean shares a drink with CMC's Jessica Urban to tell the bizarre tale of the life and unbelievable death of the best naked eye astronomer who ever lived: Tycho Brahe.  It involves kidnapping, a nighttime duel, a fake nose, the construction and ruin of a castle-observatory, exile, deceit, and finally a strange-but-true demise.  It's a whodunnit in the year 1600.

Looking Up This Week for May 12, 2020

Dean flies you around the five naked eye planets and shows you where to find them yourself.  Along the way you'll learn why you don't want to land on Venus and how to ride your bike around the rings of Saturn

Hubble Telescope Turns 30

Dean Regas is your guide to the galaxy as he shares Hubble’s Greatest Hits – the best pictures of the cosmos taken over the past 30 years.

Hubble's stunning views of stars, galaxies, and nebulae have revolutionized astronomy and wowed the public.  Hubble may go down as one of the greatest scientific instruments of this century.

Tour of American Observatories

Live broadcast from April 28: Dean looks at what's up in the night sky and takes you on a trip to observatories around America including Lowell, Griffith, Green Bank, Very Large Array, and Lick Observatory.

Stargazers Reunion

Dean shows you the highlights of the night sky this week, shares tips on seeing the Lyrid Meteor Shower, and prepares you for the Hubble Telescope's 30th Anniversary. Plus a special guest, his former co-host on Star Gazers, James Albury drops in to say "Keep Looking Up!"

Observatory Telescope Turns 175 Years Old

The Cincinnati Observatory has the oldest telescope open to the public in the Western Hemisphere. It saw first light (when our founder Ormsby Mitchel first looked through it) on April 14, 1845.  Dean shares some history of the great telescope, shows you how it works, and celebrates it's 175th birthday.


Look up in the sky, it's the Supermoon! Astronomer Dean Regas takes on the larger than normal Full Moon April 7, and tackles Moon myths with a side of green cheese in this Facebook Live event.

Or Watch it on Dean's Facebook Page 

What's Up in the Sky

Need some space? Get out there, I mean really out there! Dean shows you how to find the best and brightest objects in the night sky and shows how you can practice social distance stargazing and discover the universe. 

To start, skip ahead to the 80 second mark or Watch it on Dean's Facebook page