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2024 Solar Eclipse

Safe Solar Viewing 

The most important part of your Solar Eclipse experience is safety.  Looking at the Sun is dangerous!  But you can do it safely with a little planning.

Here are the basic rules:

  • Never look directly at the Sun without proper equipment
  • If you're not absolutely sure of your equipment, don't use your telescope
  • Use specially made eclipse glasses marked ISO 12312-2.
  • Use #14 welder's glass
  • Use professionally made solar filters designed for telescopes and binoculars
  • Only during what is known as ‘totality’, or the few moments when the sun is completely blocked by the moon, is it safe to view the sun without proper equipment.

Here’s more information about using the correct glasses for viewing the Eclipse.

There are several different ways of safely viewing the Sun which vary in cost and complexity.

The fanciest views show the Sun in hydrogen-alpha and let you see prominences and flares.

Like:  Lunt 50 mm Dedicated Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope And: Coronado Personal Solar Telescope

For more information on photographing the eclipse, visit here.

using a phone to take a solar pic with telescope
taking a solar pic with telescope


There's lots of options out there for taking photos of the eclipse! With finesse, you can hold your cellphone's camera lens up to the telescope eyepiece, letting you take a better photo than your phone could by itself. Dedicated astronomy cameras are also available from ZWOPlayer One, or QHY that, when used with a telescope, could get you even better results - but learning how to use one and process its images takes extra time.
Remember that whether you're photographing the Sun with just your phone or with a telescope, proper protection (such as a solar filter) is still necessary to keep your equipment safe.
If you want to learn more, consider checking out one of our astrophotography classes at the Observatory!
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