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ScopeOut Astronomy Fair

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Our all day (and all night) celebration of Astronomy, Science, History and STEM Education.

Saturday, September 23, 2017
Noon to 11pm

Part of the Great Outdoor Weekend.

Presentations, science demonstrations and hands-on activities, safe sun viewing, STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), Environmental Education and History exhibitors. And more than a few surprises too.


  • Free daytime child and adult admission (noon to 5pm) thanks to the generous support of the Duke Energy Foundation and P&G!
  • Optional Dinner and Keynote Presentation “Astronomy from the Bottom of the World”- $25 per person. Reservations Required.
  • Nighttime viewing through our historic telescopes. $5/person suggested donation

We are honored to announce our 2017 Keynote Speaker is Dr. Colin Bischoff.
Dr. Bischoff is a faculty member of the University of Cincinnati’s Physics Department studying Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) using the BICEP telescopes at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. CMB radiation was emitted shortly after the Big Bang. Dr. Bischoff hopes to detect a signal of primordial gravitational waves that are predicted by inflation, our leading theory of the conditions that produced the Big Bang.

The day is broken down into three parts:
displays by leading science, astronomy and technology providers, talks for novice and expert, tours of the historic buildings, safe solar viewing, telescope vendors, meteorites, kids’ activities, advice on buying and using telescopes, and more door prizes than you can imagine. Previous year’s exhibitors included iSpace, Stratus Helicopters, Tesla Motors, hands on science demos by UC Physics, Crystal Clear Science, Blue Chip Solar, Cincinnati Parks, Cincinnati Museum Center, the Cincinnati Astronomical Society and more.
Admission is Free. No reservations required.

6pm-8:30pm: dinner under the stars followed by our keynote presentation.
   Dinner 6pm; Lecture 7:15pm
Reservations required-Sign Up Online. $25 per person.

9pm-11pm: the stars come out for nighttime viewing through our historic telescopes.
$5/person suggested donation. No reservations required.

For more information, please call 513-321-5186