Public Events


Saturday July 29, from 9-11pm

The lord of the rings shines in prime time!

The magnificent planet, most breathtaking object in the universe – Saturn - takes center stage at the Cincinnati Observatory for Saturnday. 

There will be viewing of Saturn through the telescopes (weather permitting), running talks, and tours of the buildings.  If clear, we will show you the Moon and Jupiter as well through portable telescopes.   

No reservations needed. 

Cost: $10/adult, $5/student, $5/Observatory member

Great for all ages.   For more information please call 513-321-5186

Topics in Astronomy

Classes at the Cincinnati Observatory

These fun and laid-back classes for beginners focus on a variety of topics and will surely keep you looking up!  

Tuesday July 25:             Preparing for the Eclipse  (Sorry, sold out)
Wednesday July 26:        Preparing for the Eclipse   (Sorry, sold out)

Tuesday August 8:               Exoplanets                              (8-10pm)
               Wild wonderful worlds around other stars like Trappist-1

Tuesday September 12:      The Fall Sky                             (8-10pm)
               Locate and identify the stars and constellations of fall

Tuesday October 17:            Meteors and Meteorites         (7-9pm)
               The best days and ways to see shooting stars and see some space rocks firsthand

Tuesday November 14:         Johannes Kepler – Master of the Solar System  (7-9pm)
               Learn about one of the greatest astronomical minds and how, over 400 years ago, he figured out how planets move

Astronomer Dean Regas leads these classes and will also be your guide to the stars and planets of the season and point them out with you in the real sky with the Observatory telescopes (weather permitting).

   Cost per class:      $15 per person
                                   $12 for Observatory members

Sign Up Online or Call 513-321-5186.

Cosmic Kids

Family Classes
Third Saturdays July-November

The Cincinnati Observatory will be hosting classes for the entire family. Explore the cosmos during our new multi-disciplinary class which helps grades 1st-6th learn and discover topics in astronomy and investigate the wonders beyond our world. This astronomy class is open to students with a curiosity about space, and their families. There will be safe solar viewing with the telescopes, tours of the buildings, and hands-on classroom activities to build confidence and knowledge in science.  Take one class or all five.

July 15: Getting Ready for the Solar Eclipse  (SOLD OUT)
August 19: The Sun (two days before the eclipse)
September 16:  Fall Stars and Constellations
October 21: The Marvelous Moon
November 18: Space Rocks (Asteroids, Comets, and Meteorites)

9:30am-10:30am 1st- 3rd Grade Students
11:00am-12:00pm  4th- 6th Grade Students

Cost:  $5/person, Free for Observatory Members

Space is limited.  Please call 513-321-5186 to register.

See The Solar Eclipse

Monday August 21, from Noon-4pm

It is almost here.  The biggest astronomical event of the year: the solar eclipse of 2017 is happening on August 21. 

Join us at the Cincinnati Observatory to see this rare event safely.  Although it will not be a total solar eclipse in Cincinnati, our members will lead safe solar viewing of the partial eclipse (weather permitting), share information about the eclipse, and show you around the historic observatory.

This is the eclipse schedule:

            1:00pm           Partial eclipse begins
            2:29pm           Maximum eclipse - 91% of the Sun blocked
            3:52pm           Partial eclipse ends

All ages welcome.  No reservations required. 

Free admission: Thanks to Toyota

Be there to see this amazing astronomical event safely.

Intro to Astronomy

A Short-Course at the Cincinnati Observatory
Wednesdays September 6, 13, and 20 from 7-9pm

Want to kickstart a new, starry hobby?  This three-night introductory astronomy course is perfect for beginners who want to know more about observing the night sky.

Led by astronomer and co-host of PBS’ Star Gazer, Dean Regas, this course will show you the stars.  You will learn how to identify stars, constellations, and planets as well as viewing tips for the Moon.  Each night includes viewing through the historic telescopes (weather permitting).  

Cost:    $50 for the series
             $40 for Observatory members

To register call 513-321-5186 or Sign Up Online

2017 Special Events

At the Cincinnati Observatory

Have a favorite planet?  Looking for the coolest events for 2017?
Astronomers always look to the future, and if you're a planner too, add these events on your calendar.  Call us for details: 513-321-5186.

July 16:         Sunday Sun-day Sundae 2

July 29:          Saturnday (best time to see Saturn)

Aug 5:            Saturnday 2 (an extra date just in case it's cloudy on July 29)

Aug 21:           Total Solar Eclipse (not in Cincinnati, however)

Sept 23:         ScopeOut/Great Outdoor Weekend

Oct 28:           International Observe the Moon Night

Nov 11:          Meet a Meteorite 

Dec 2:            Supermoon 2017