Public Events


At the Cincinnati Observatory
Saturday August 9 from 7-10pm

Not all Full Moons are created equal.  Some are closer to the Earth than others and every 14 months we get a slightly larger Full Moon.  These Supermoons make the Moon appear 14% bigger in the sky.

Join us at the Observatory to watch the Supermoon rise above the eastern horizon at 7:45pm and see if you can tell the difference. 

Supermoon includes tours of the two Observatory buildings and viewing through the historic telescopes of Saturn and Mars (weather permitting).  

Cost:   $5 per person

No reservations needed.  For further information, please call 513-321-5186.

Note: The rain date for this event will be Sunday August 10 when the Moon will be almost just as big!

Heart Nebula


Saturday August 16
From 10:30 pm-12:00 am

Can’t sleep? Looking for a romantic Saturday night out under the stars? Come see what the Observatory is like after hours. You'll get to use the oldest big telescope in the U.S. to view astronomical objects that are not visible until late at night (weather permitting). Get a sneak preview of the next season’s planets and stars a month or two ahead of everyone else. 

Recommended for adults only. If the weather does not permit viewing, we’ll have fun with some of the crazy science experiments and show you around the Observatory.

Admission is $10 per person

To make reservations please call 513-321-5186.


Lecture and Book-signing with author Wendy Hart Beckman. 

Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati brings to life the founding families’ histories, sharing these intertwined and fascinating tales with readers near and far. A charming history of lives lived large -- truly the Who’s Who (as well as the When and Where) of Cincinnati. Many of those same founding families who made possible the Cincinnati Observatory and many of Cincinnati’s other cultural treasures. Lecture by Ms. Beckman , Q&A and the Book-signing.

The Observatory will be open following for tours. 

Saturday August 30

No Reservations required.