Public Events

Courtesy Sky & Telescope Magazine

Venus and Jupiter Meet

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
June 29, 30 & July 1

You've probably seen them in the evening: two suspiciously bright lights in the western sky. What are they? Planes? UFOs? No, they're Venus and Jupiter and they're heading for a dramatic conjunction Tuesday night. Join us at the Cincinnati Observatory to see these two bright night lights right next to each other.

Observatory members will set up telescopes to help view this special event and also lead views of Saturn through the 1845 telescope (weather permitting).

No reservations needed. Drop-ins welcome.
Great for all ages.
Cost: $5 per person. Free for Observatory members.

Tuesday is the best night (weather permitting) but every night will be spectacular.
For more information please call 513-321-5186

Find out more at Sky & Telescope Magazine

Planet Hunting and Eclipse Chasing

Beginner Classes at the Cincinnati Observatory
July 7, and August 11 from 8-10pm

This is your chance to explore the Summer Sky in this fun and laid-back series that will get you looking up!     

Astronomer Dean Regas will be your guide to the summer stars and constellations and point them out with you in the real sky (weather permitting) and cover some fun topics:

      July 7 – Planet Hunting
         (How we find planets around other stars)

      August 11 – Eclipse Chasing
         (Planning astronomical vacations)

Great for beginners.

Cost per class:   $15 per person
                           $12 for Observatory members

To register for call 513-321-5186.

Pluto at Last!

Tuesday July 14, from 8-10pm

We’ve been waiting to meet Pluto since it was discovered more than 85 years ago. On July 14 we’ll get our first pictures of this tiny world almost 3 billion miles away. After over nine years in space, the unmanned New Horizons spacecraft will fly by Pluto and introduce us to the edge of our solar system. Join us for this historic moment. We’ll have Pluto activities for kids and adults and viewing through the historic telescopes. At 9:02 NASA will hear from New Horizons and we’ll listen in too.

Great for all ages.

Admission is $5 per person
No reservations required.

For more info, call 513-321-5186

“Wurst” Date Night Ever

With the Wurst Bar and Cincinnati Observatory
Thursday July 23, from 8:30-11pm

This date night has it all: Food and drink, followed by stars and planets, followed by more food and drink. 

Start your evening at the Wurst Bar in Mount Lookout Square at 8:30pm, then take a complimentary shuttle to the Observatory for a program, starting at 9pm. Enjoy viewing of Saturn (weather permitting) and a tour of the Observatory.  Afterwards, grab the shuttle back to the Wurst Bar to enjoy Happy Hour pricing the rest of the night! 

Attendees also receive 20% off coupon for future visit to the Wurst Bar. 

Tickets are $30 each and benefit the Cincinnati Observatory education programs. 

Must be 21 or over.Reservations required.  Space is limited.
To RSVP, call 513-321-5186 or Sign Up Online