Public Events


At the Cincinnati Observatory
Saturday February 28 from 7-9pm

Maybe you’ve seen them in the night sky.  These two unbelievably bright lights – one in the east and one in the west.  You wonder, what are they?  Planes?  UFOs? 

They’re NOT UFOs.  They’re much, much cooler. 

They are, in reality, Venus and Jupiter, the brightest star-like objects in the sky.  They, along with the twinkly stars Sirius and Capella are the most reported UFOs to the Cincinnati Observatory.  Don’t be fooled. 

We’ll tell you how to IDENTIFY these objects in the nighttime sky, and view them through the telescopes (weather permitting).  Plus we’ll share false UFO reports we’ve received over the years.

Admission is $7 per person

No reservations required. Drop in anytime after 7pm.
Great for all ages.
For more info, call 513-321-5186

The truth is in here

The Heart Nebula


At the Cincinnati Observatory
Saturday March 7, 10:30pm-Midnight

Looking for a romantic Saturday night out under the stars? Come see what the Observatory is like after hours. You'll get to use the oldest big telescope in the U.S. to view astronomical objects that are not visible until late at night (weather permitting). Get a sneak preview of the next season’s planets and stars a month or two ahead of everyone else.

For adults only. If the weather does not permit viewing, we’ll have fun showing you around the universe at behind the scenes at the Observatory.

$15 per person

Sign Up Online!

Or call 513-321-5186

Astronomy 2.0
A 2-night short course for beginners

Wednesdays March 18 and 25 from 8-10pm

Ready to turn your love of astronomy into a lifelong hobby?  Astronomy 2.0, is the short-course for those beginners who want to take their knowledge to the next level. 

The classes are led by astronomer and co-host of PBS’ Star Gazer, Dean Regas.  He will discuss a variety of topics like the new and improved solar system, star clusters and galaxies.  Students will then get first-hand experience using the many observatory telescopes. 

   Cost:   $30 for the two-night series

               $25 for Observatory members.

Call 513-321-5186 to register.  Space is limited.